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Ukrainian intelligence announces new surprises in Crimea

Ukrainian intelligence announces new surprises in Crimea Kyrylo Budanov, Head of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine (photo: Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

Civilians should not use the Crimean Bridge. New surprises await the enemy, states Kyrylo Budanov, Head of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine.

According to Budanov, we owe the successes of Ukrainian soldiers in Crimea to the inhabitants of the peninsula, whose resistance to the enemy has not ceased over the past ten years of war with Russia.

The DIU chief explained that for successful defense and counteroffensive, Ukraine must control the Black Sea and Crimea.

All previously set tasks have been accomplished. Russia lost a quarter of its ships and was forced to withdraw its fleet to the Caucasus coast. The enemy has also redeployed its aviation, as Crimean airfields and military facilities are constantly under our fire.

"We owe our success to the residents of Ukrainian Crimea, who not only strengthened their resistance to the occupiers but also found the opportunity to monitor the entire operational situation on the peninsula and pass this information to us as soon as possible," Budanov added.

Ukraine has also fulfilled another promise - in 2023, our Special Forces officers visited Crimea.

"New surprises await the enemies, and I would not recommend civilians to use the so-called "Crimean" bridge," the head of Ukrainian intelligence said.

Attacks by the Defense Forces on the Crimean Bridge

The Crimean Bridge, illegally built by the occupiers, has been hit at least twice. In October 2022, powerful explosions occurred on the bridge, causing significant damage. The head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Vasyl Malyuk, confirmed that it was an operation of his special service.

In addition, in July 2023, there was another attack on the Crimean Bridge. Two spans were destroyed. Malyuk also confirmed the SSU's involvement in this attack and noted that it was organized with the help of Sea Baby drones.