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Ukrainian drones hit military airfield in Rostov region - Sources

Ukrainian drones hit military airfield in Rostov region - Sources Photo: GUR attacked a military airfield in the Rostov region (Getty Images)

Tonight, drones attacked a military airfield in Morozovsk, Rostov region. As a result of the strike, there is damage, source in Ukrainian special services informed RBC-Ukraine.

Overall, according to the interlocutor, it was a coordinated UAV attack on military facilities in three regions of Russia - Rostov, Lipetsk, and Volgograd.

"The claims made by Russian media that all drones were supposedly shot down do not correspond to reality. There was at least a direct hit on the military airfield. There is destruction. Other consequences are being clarified," the source revealed.

At the same time, he clarified that the reported number of released UAVs in the Russian information space is close to the truth.

According to the publication,the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine is behind the operation.

What preceded this

Tonight, residents of the Rostov region reported explosions on social media. Vasily Golubev, the Governor of the Rostov region, announced a drone attack in the areas of Morozovsk and Kamensk.

Media reported that the drones were allegedly attempting to attack the local military airfield, which houses the 559th Guards Bomber Aviation Regiment (military unit 75392), with frontline bombers Su-24, Su-24M, and Su-34 stationed there.

Later, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that they had allegedly repelled a drone attack. The Russians claimed that air defense systems were active in three regions - Lipetsk, Rostov, and Volgograd - and purportedly shot down 33 drones.