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Ukrainian Defense Forces are aware of quality and quantity of Russian troops in Crimea

Ukrainian Defense Forces are aware of quality and quantity of Russian troops in Crimea Photo: Spokesperson of the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine Natalia Humeniuk (Getty Images)

Currently, the Defense Forces know the origins, forces, and resources employed by the Dnepr group situated on the left bank, and resists along the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia directions. Additionally, there is approximate knowledge of the accumulation composition present in Crimea, according to the spokesperson for the Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine, Natalia Humeniuk.

"Russians are compelled to reallocate some resources from Crimea, yet they still face significant logistical challenges. Bans on using established logistic routes are frequently imposed," revealed Natalia Humeniuk.

According to her, the enemy realizes that our fire control can be very specific along these directions. Currently, the grouping located in the temporarily occupied mainland Ukraine is sufficient for the enemy to carry out combat missions and conduct assaults.

Moreover, says the spokesperson, Russians often rotate among themselves due to prolonged unsuccessful assault actions. The ban on using equipment remains in effect. This can be observed both in the Zaporizhzhia and Kherson directions.

"Assaulting the foothold in the direction of Krynky and Robotyne, the enemy is limited in using armored vehicles. On the Dnipro direction, it does not use them and barely assembles groups for one to three assaults per day. Meanwhile, on the Zaporizhzhia direction, the movement is somewhat more active, but limitations on armored vehicles are also noticeable," summarized Humeniuk.

Earlier, partisans revealed how Russia plans to strengthen the defense of oil refineries against drone attacks. According to their data, in Russia, managers of oil refineries were instructed to purchase electronic warfare systems (EW), implement "camouflage," and enhance reservoir protection with sandbags. All aimed at countering drone strikes.