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Ukrainian crews complain about Abrams tanks and name their shortcomings - CNN

Ukrainian crews complain about Abrams tanks and name their shortcomings - CNN Photo: Ukrainian military told about the shortcomings of Abrams tanks (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

The American Abrams tanks received by Ukraine have a number of weak points and shortcomings. This puts into question the effectiveness of the use of such armored vehicles, according to CNN.

Ukrainian defenders told the newspaper that the American tank does not have armor that can withstand modern weapons.

Its armor is not sufficient for this moment. It doesn’t protect the crew. For real, today this is the war of drones. So now, when the tank rolls out, they (Russians) always try to hit them,” said a soldier with a call sign Joker.

Another soldier with the call sign Dnipro said that Abrams is “number one target” for the Russian army.

Representatives of the 47th Mechanized Brigade told reporters that the 31 Abrams tanks that Ukraine received are deployed near the front line in the eastern regions.

Despite statements by US officials that the tanks have been withdrawn from the front line, Ukrainian defenders claim that some of them are still in service.

Abrams crew members noted that the Abrams' shortcomings became apparent during the battle for Avdiivka, when the driver lost a leg due to armor penetration.

They also added that during rain or fog, condensation can disrupt the electronics inside the tank.

According to the soldiers, the United States has provided Ukraine with the wrong type of ammunition for the Abrams, which is necessary for combat operations.

“What we have is more for direct tank-to-tank fights, which happens very rarely. Much more often we work as artillery. You need to take apart a tree-line or a building. We had a case when we fired 17 rounds into a house and it was still standing,” Joker said.

Abrams for Ukraine

Ukraine received 31 Abrams tanks from the US. For a long time, Washington was reluctant to provide the tanks, explaining that it was due to maintenance problems. However, the deliveries eventually took place.

In April, there were reports in the media that Ukraine temporarily withdrew Abrams from the front line as the tank was vulnerable to Russian drones.

Following this, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Charles Brown, stated that the US is discussing the adaptation of tanks to the conditions on the battlefield in Ukraine.