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Ukrainian Army to receive significantly more drones in December - Defense Ministry

Ukrainian Army to receive significantly more drones in December - Defense Ministry Ukrainian military (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

In December, Ukrainian troops will receive many times more drones. The Ministry of Defense received an additional resource for the purchase of drones, the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Ivan Havryliuk, reports in an interview with ArmiyaInform.

"Objectively, in recent months, our military has been receiving more drones of various types and modifications. But it must be understood that given the intensity of combat operations on certain areas of the front, UAVs, especially of the tactical level, are essentially expendable," Havryliuk says.

According to him, stocks of drones need to be replenished practically continuously, as well as shells.

"In November, we managed to send more UAVs to the troops than in the previous month. Recently, we received an additional resource for procurement. Therefore, in December, the Armed Forces will receive several times more drones. I hope the picture on the battlefield will change," the deputy minister notes.

He also emphasizes that it is necessary to scale not only the production of UAVs but also the production of EW.

"We are increasingly stimulating the activation of domestic production of this equipment. Currently, maximum efforts and possible financial resources are being made for this," Havryliuk adds.

Ukrainian drones

The Armed Forces of Ukraine already have more than 20 new names of Ukrainian-made drones, which increased significantly during the war.

Also earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers allocated 40 billion hryvnias for investments for Ukrainian manufacturers of drones.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced the creation of a new alliance in the field of armaments. Several arms manufacturers from different countries have already joined this.

Recently, the Ministry of Defense announced that they had accelerated the process of supplying drones for the military. Only three days passed from the moment of receiving the equipment from the suppliers to the transfer to the Logistics Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Also, the other day "Army of Drones" purchased more than 2,000 Ukrainian drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.