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Ukrainian Air Force reveals how Russian aircraft destruction changes situation in skies

Ukrainian Air Force reveals how Russian aircraft destruction changes situation in skies Photo: Yurii Ihnat (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Moscow is concluding the downing of Russian aircraft in recent days. The enemy has reduced its activity with guided bombs, but these strikes continue, according to Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson Yurii Ihnat.

"The situation is changing. After the work of anti-aircraft guided missiles against Russian aircraft, as reported by the commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, the sky became clear," he says, referring to the message of the commander of the Ukrainian Air Force Mykola Oleshchuk about the work of Ukrainian Air Defense Forces on March 2, when another Su-34 was destroyed.

According to him, no air targets were observed in the sky for several hours after the enemy saw them being targeted. "Accordingly, they drew conclusions and fled from our airspace," Ihnat adds.

But, as Ihnat notes, this phenomenon will not continue permanently. "The planes reappeared and carried out strikes last night. Several dozen guided bombs were also launched from different directions yesterday," he says, adding that last night was quiet, and the Russians struck with both ballistic and guided missiles.

"And now we can see several Su-34 and Su-35 strike groups in the morning, which may be preparing to strike in the eastern and northern directions," says Ihnat.

According to him, "the enemy certainly draws conclusions, the enemy has reduced the activity of using guided aerial bombs, but still these strikes continue."

As for the A-50 aircraft, they are still not in the sky after the second one was destroyed.

"It's been seven days now, if I'm not mistaken, and it hasn't appeared in Rostov region or the Sea of Azov. The enemy said they would restore the ones in storage. It is hard to say how fast or long this process would be. But they desperately need these planes to plan strikes and conduct radar reconnaissance of the airspace of our country," says Ihnat.

Mass destruction of Russian aircraft

Over the past two weeks, the Ukrainian military has destroyed 15 aircraft. According to the Institute of War Studies, the recent high losses of Russian aviation have likely led to a significant decrease in its activity in eastern Ukraine, although it is unclear how long this forced pause will last.

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, on the evening of March 2, Russian aviation activity in eastern Ukraine came to a complete halt after a Russian Su-34 was shot down.