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Ukraine, Turkiye, Russia negotiated on navigation in Black Sea - Reuters

Ukraine, Turkiye, Russia negotiated on navigation in Black Sea - Reuters Ukrainian military naval forces and maritime security (photo: Getty Images)

Ukraine was considering the possibility of signing an agreement to ensure the security of navigation in the Black Sea. Such negotiations allegedly took place between Kyiv, Moscow, and Ankara over two months, according to Reuters.

Reuters states that the parties reached an agreement on the text, which was supposed to be announced by Turkiye, but Ukraine suddenly refused, according to four unnamed individuals familiar with the situation who spoke to Reuters. They also noted that last month, there was almost a Russian-Ukrainian agreement on navigation in the Black Sea.

According to Reuters' sources, speaking on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of such negotiations, they were conducted through the mediation of Turkiye after a push from the UN.

The agreement, reached in March, concerned ensuring the security of commercial shipping in the Black Sea. It is also noted that while Ukraine did not want to officially sign it, Kyiv agreed for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to announce it on March 30, on the eve of regional elections, sources told the Western agency.

"At the very last minute, Ukraine suddenly pulled out and the deal was scuttled," one of the sources is quoted as saying.

The Reuters material also adds that three more interlocutors confirmed this version of events. Ukraine, Russia, and Turkiye have not commented on this media report.

Russia's withdrawal from the grain deal and the Ukrainian corridor

After Russia's withdrawal from the grain deal in July last year, a special maritime corridor was created, including for the protection of grain coming from ports. According to the Ukrainian Navy, the corridor's operation had already reached full capacity before Russia's full-scale invasion.

As previously stated by the Chief of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, Major General, Kyrylo Budanov, constant attacks on the Russian fleet allowed it to be displaced to the southeast and to restore navigation. The northern part is controlled by Ukraine.

In December last year, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said that he saw no point in restoring the grain deal.

Additionally, in December, the Minister of National Defense of Turkey, Yaşar Güler, stated that his country continues efforts to activate the Black Sea grain initiative.