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Ukraine set to receive initial ammo shipment through Czech initiative

Ukraine set to receive initial ammo shipment through Czech initiative Ukraine is preparing to receive the first batch of ammunition (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

The Ukrainian military is set to receive the first batch of hundreds of thousands of 155mm artillery shells as part of international efforts to supply ammunition, according to Czech Deputy Defense Minister Jan Jiřeš.

Ukraine may receive the first shells within weeks as part of an initiative in which Czechia acts as an intermediary. It coordinates governments wishing to finance the purchase of 155mm shells from third countries.

He said several European countries are participating in this initiative. He did not specify which countries are financing purchases or whose stocks are being used, but said deliveries will likely be disclosed after their arrival.

"The Czech Republic initiative is one way 'of us demonstrating we are actually doing something, not waiting what is going to happen on the Hill'," Jiřeš said.

US Army Minister Christine Wormuth recently announced that state-owned enterprises, managed by contractors, are on track to increase the production of 155mm shells to approximately 36,000 per month from April, up from 28,000 per month as of October.

Czech initiative

It was previously announced that Czechia had found 800,000 artillery shells of 155mm and 122mm caliber for Ukraine. They may be sent to the Ukrainian army in the coming weeks.

Recently, France and the Netherlands supported a plan to procure ammunition outside of Europe to expedite the delivery of critically needed military equipment to Ukraine. It is expected that the proposal will be made in early March.

The Netherlands also announced the allocation of over 100 million euros to Ukraine for the Czech initiative to purchase artillery shells outside the EU.

Belgium has also allocated 200 million euros to the Czech initiative for the purchase of artillery ammunition urgently needed by Ukraine.