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Netherlands to allocate €100 million to Ukraine for artillery shells

Netherlands to allocate €100 million to Ukraine for artillery shells Photo: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte (Getty Images)

The Netherlands will allocate over 100 million euros to Ukraine for the Czech initiative of purchasing artillery shells outside the EU borders, according to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

The official noted that Ukrainian forces continue to stand bravely, but Russia persists in exerting pressure. This poses significant challenges to the defenders.

"It is essential, first and foremost, that we deliver what we’ve promised. And look at what else we can do. That is why the Netherlands is contributing more than 100 million euros to the Czech initiative to quickly deliver hundreds of thousands of artillery shells to Ukraine," wrote Rutte.

He also added that Putin is preparing for a prolonged war, so it is crucial to continue demonstrating that "we are steadfast, and time is not on his side."

According to Rutte, the Netherlands is entering into a security agreement with Ukraine to continue supporting the country for the next 10 years.

Several NATO and European Union member countries are considering the possibility of sending soldiers to Ukraine on a bilateral basis. They are exploring this option, but specific objectives and tasks are not yet defined. Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico made this statement during a briefing in Paris. He emphasized that Slovakia, as a member of both organizations, would not send its military to Ukraine due to the risk of escalating the conflict.