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Ukraine's EU accession: European Commission sets timeline for negotiation framework

Ukraine's EU accession: European Commission sets timeline for negotiation framework Spokesperson for the European Commission, Ana Pisonero (

The European Commission expects to be ready to provide a framework for negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the European Union in the coming weeks, spokesperson for the European Commission, Ana Pisonero, says at a briefing.

"I cannot be more specific in times of timeframe. The process is advancing in terms of the drafting and negotiating framework. And the indication is that we should be able to present it to member states in the coming weeks. We would hope," Pisonero said.

The spokesperson also commented on statements that Ukraine supposedly has special conditions and preferences on the path to EU membership.

"It is very clear that there are no shortcuts in the enlargement process. As we said many times, this is a merits-based process. You have very clearly in the reports what Ukraine has done in order to get here," says Pisonero.

According to her, Ukraine's progress is "impressive" for the EU, as the country is achieving such results in the conditions of full-scale war. Pisonero notes that Ukrainians maintain the functioning of the parliament and continue to implement reforms.

Negotiations on Ukraine's EU accession

In December 2023, the leaders of EU member states approved the start of negotiations on Ukraine's accession during a summit.

It happened despite threats from Hungary to block such a decision, as Prime Minister Viktor Orban simply refused to participate in the vote on accession negotiations.

Negotiations on Ukraine's entry have not yet begun. As the EU Ambassador to Ukraine Katarína Mathernová recently stated in an interview with RBC-Ukraine, negotiations could start in the spring.