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Ukraine's counteroffensive is difficult, but achieved progress is impressive - Nuland

Ukraine's counteroffensive is difficult, but achieved progress is impressive - Nuland U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (Getty Images)

The counteroffensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces is difficult, but the achieved progress is impressive, given the conditions, as U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said at the Yalta European Strategy.

“This counteroffensive has been kilometer by kilometer but we are impressed by the progress made, especially in the south," she said.

According to Nuland, Russia has built, over months, a strong defense in the occupied south of Ukraine.

“The defenses that Russia has put in place are the largest in 100 years. We need to understand what Ukraine needs to clear these defenses, and we cannot do that until Ukraine confronts the defenses," she said.

Nuland added that Russian defense can be overcome under the condition that there is close cooperation between the governments of the United States and Ukraine.

"We got a good sense of what was needed when we were here. That is why we are trying to work closely with the Ukrainian government, providing equipment for mechanized demining, long-range artillery, and other tools," stressed the U.S. Acting Deputy Secretary of State.

She emphasized that the U.S. had been explaining to all partners in Europe, Asia, and Africa what negative consequences there would be for global security if Ukraine did not win that war.

“If Ukraine does not win, if Putin succeeds, this type of evil will be normalized across the world. Ukraine stands on the right side of democracy and needs our support” she summarised.

Ukrainian counteroffensive

In recent months, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have intensified their offensive in the Zaporizhzhia region, with battles taking place on two fronts - Melitopol and Berdiansk.

Western media reported that Ukrainian soldiers breached the first line of defense of the occupiers in the south. According to the General Staff, Ukrainian military forces continue their offensive actions to the east and south of the liberated village of Robotyne.

UK intelligence suggests that Russia has redeployed units to Robotyne from other directions, which could weaken its offensive on other fronts.