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Ukraine's accession to EU: IMF supports start of negotiations

Ukraine's accession to EU: IMF supports start of negotiations Photo: IMF welcomes the start of negotiations on Ukraine's EU accession (Getty Images)

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission welcomes the start of Ukraine's negotiations on joining the European Union, according to the fund's statement.

As noted in the statement, IMF experts and representatives of the Ukrainian government held discussions as part of consultations focused on medium-term policies that would lay the foundation for sustainable, resilient, and environmentally friendly recovery, supporting Ukraine on its path to EU accession.

Although the war has significantly impacted production capacities, Ukraine has substantial growth potential after the conflict ceases, depending on policy choices, reforms, and the availability of financial resources, according to the IMF.

"Effective post-war reconstruction management combined with bold reforms, including those related to state investment management, corporate governance, and the business climate, in the context of EU accession, could stimulate the return of migrants and the necessary inflow of investments to establish a more resilient foundation for economic growth and assist in addressing broader development challenges in Ukraine," the fund added.

EU accession negotiations

As a reminder, in its report on November 8, the European Commission recommended starting accession negotiations with Ukraine. The decision will be made by EU leaders at the summit on December 14. Unanimous consent of all leaders is required to initiate negotiations.
Details about Ukraine's EU accession negotiations in an article by RBC-Ukraine.