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Ukraine ramps up production of long-range drones: WSJ reveals details

Ukraine ramps up production of long-range drones: WSJ reveals details Photo: Ukraine is increasing production of drones (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Ukraine's industry is ramping up production of long-range drones to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces circumvent restrictions on the use of weapons received from Western countries for strikes on Russian territory, the Wall Street Journal reports.

According to the agency's sources, by the middle of this year, the country will produce about 500 drones per month.

At first, Ukraine actively used Chinese drones, which are freely available on international Internet sites. However, Ukraine gradually started producing its own drones using Chinese components. The agency clarifies that the Russian army is trying to strike at drone assembly sites.

Several interviewed officials believe that Ukraine should use any means at its disposal to fight the delay in the allocation of a new US aid package.

Ukrainian drone strikes on Russia

The Armed Forces of Ukraine regularly strike at military targets in the Russian Federation using various types of drones. For example, on the morning of April 27, Russian sources reported a drone strike on the Kushchevskaya airfield in the Krasnodar Territory. Later, RBC-Ukraine's sources confirmed the attack on the airfield and said that it was organized by the Security Service of Ukraine together with the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

According to the published videos, the strike targeted a warehouse of control and correction modules for air bombs. They allow Russian troops to turn conventional bombs into guided aerial bombs.

In addition, on the night of April 24, the Russian Federation reported a drone attack on facilities in the Smolensk and Lipetsk regions of the Russian Federation, and information about fires at fuel and energy facilities appeared. Soon after, RBC-Ukraine's sources said that the Security Service of Ukraine drones had attacked two oil depots in Russia's Smolensk region.