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Ukraine proposes new entry rules for foreigners, requiring war-risk insurance

Ukraine proposes new entry rules for foreigners, requiring war-risk insurance New entry rules for foreigners proposed in Ukraine (GettyImages)

Ukraine's parliament - Verkhovna Rada - proposes introducing new entry rules for foreigners. It concerns the requirement of an insurance policy covering risks associated with war, as a relevant draft law proposes.

What is proposed

Currently, foreigners and stateless persons can enter Ukraine if they have:

  • a valid passport,
  • a visa (unless otherwise provided by Ukrainian legislation),
  • confirmation of the purpose of the visit,
  • sufficient financial means for the entire period of stay.

In addition, there should be no entry ban for foreigners, and they must comply with the requirements regarding the duration of their stay.

The draft law suggests adding to this list an insurance policy (certificate) as a necessary condition for crossing the border. This requirement will be in effect during a state of war and for two years after its cancellation.

Such policy is issued either by an insurance company registered in Ukraine or a foreign company with representation in Ukraine or contractual relations (assistance) with a partner insurance company in Ukraine.

The document must be valid for the entire period of the foreigner's stay, and cover:

  • medical expenses,
  • compensation for risks associated with explosive objects,
  • compensation for war risks.

Border guards will check the insurance policy.


The new regulations will not apply to foreigners and stateless persons permanently residing in Ukraine, as well as refugees and persons in need of additional protection.

Insurance policies will also not be required for employees of diplomatic missions and institutions, official international missions, organizations accredited in Ukraine, and their family members.

In addition, drivers and crews of motor vehicles, airplanes, ships, and trains are exempt from the insurance requirement. The same applies to military instructors from NATO member states and countries participating in the NATO Partnership for Peace program who train Ukrainian soldiers.

Reasons for the innovation

According to the explanatory note of the draft law, Ukraine is visited by many foreigners, including volunteers, participants in humanitarian programs, journalists, and business representatives. However, current entry rules do not take into account the risks associated with military actions.

The authors note that there are no 100% safe cities in Ukraine since the entire territory of the country is a target for Russian missile attacks. Explosive objects pose a significant threat, as they remain dangerous even after being buried in the ground or water for a long time. These objects can be located on the streets, playgrounds, abandoned buildings, water bodies, forests, fields, and roadside areas. In cities, the enemy mines valuable objects such as mobile phones, weapons, medical kits, etc. Invisible tripwires are also widely used by the enemy.

Considering that Ukraine is one of the most heavily mined countries in the world, insurance policies are necessary to cover the costs of medical care, hospitalization, and repatriation (and in case of death, the repatriation of remains) to the place of permanent residence.

Insurance aims to reduce the costs of medical services for foreigners paid by the state and local budgets. The authors of the law wrote that an insurance policy is a standard requirement to enter Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, Turkey, etc.