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Ukraine might become powerful and force Putin to negotiating table - Nuland

Ukraine might become powerful and force Putin to negotiating table - Nuland Former US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Any potential peace deal must involve the withdrawal of Russian troops from currently occupied territories. Ukraine could become strong enough to force Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to the negotiating table, according to former US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland.

In her opinion, Ukraine and its army have a chance to become strong enough, and then Russian dictator Vladimir Putin will have no choice but to come to the negotiating table from a position of strength.

"It’ll be up to the Ukrainian people what their territorial ambitions should be. But there are certain things that are existential. Any deal that they (Ukraine - ed.) cut in their interest and in the larger global interest has to be a deal that Putin is compelled to stick to. We can’t be doing this every six months, every three years. It has to actually lead to a deal that includes Russian withdrawal," Nuland said.

She also added that Putin is a master of rope-a-dope negotiating - a type of boxing match in which the opponent beats the victim until they exhaust themselves.

"Putin is a master at what we call rope-a-dope negotiating, where he never actually cuts the deal. It has to be a deal that ensures that whatever is decided on Crimea, it can’t be remilitarized such that it’s a dagger at the heart of the center of Ukraine," said the former US deputy secretary of state.

Ukraine-Russia peace talks

Recently, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said that it makes no sense for Ukraine to sit at the negotiating table today, as it will not be able to achieve conscientious actions.

Victoria Nuland confirmed that Ukraine is not ready for negotiations with Russia now.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the likelihood of negotiations depends on Putin's willingness. If Russia is willing to engage in sincere negotiations to end the war, the US will participate.