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Ukraine is priority: US postponing delivery of Patriot missiles to Switzerland

Ukraine is priority: US postponing delivery of Patriot missiles to Switzerland Photo: Patriot air defense system (Getty Images)

The United States will not deliver Patriot air defense system missiles to Switzerland on schedule. Instead, Ukraine will receive them first, as ensuring the Ukrainian Armed Forces are equipped with necessary weapons is currently a priority for the United States, Blick reports.

In the fall of 2023, Switzerland placed an order with the United States for PAC-3 MSE missiles for its Patriot air defense systems, totaling 300 million Swiss francs (approximately 340 million dollars).

Initially, the guided PAC-3 MSE missiles were expected to be delivered to the Swiss Army between 2030 and 2031. However, the delivery of these missiles will be postponed due to a decision by the US government, likely preventing them from occurring within the planned timeline.

According to reports, the contract included an option allowing Washington to deviate from agreed terms if there were extraordinary or compelling reasons, particularly if it impacts US national security interests. The current justification provided by the US is related to the war in Ukraine.

This information has been confirmed by Switzerland's Federal Office for Defense Procurement.

"Switzerland once again needs an independent and robust defense industry, as well as diversification of procurement among manufacturers and countries," emphasized the agency.

It is expected that the US will officially announce its decision next week, on Tuesday. There is currently no information available regarding the new delivery schedule.

Aid to Ukraine from the USA

On June 7th, during a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in France, American leader Joe Biden announced the allocation of a new package of military assistance to Ukraine.

This includes arms totaling $225 million, such as rockets, ammunition for HIMARS, howitzers and armored personnel carriers, artillery shells, and other weapons.