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Ukraine gets thousandth armored vehicle Senator from Canada

Ukraine gets thousandth armored vehicle Senator from Canada Photo: Canadian Roshel delivers the thousandth armored vehicle Senator to Ukraine (

Canadian armored vehicle manufacturer Roshel recently marked a significant milestone by delivering the one-thousandth armored vehicle, the Roshel Senator, to the Ukrainian military. This was announced by the founder and CEO of Roshel Inc, Roman Shimonov.

"Roshel reaches a remarkable milestone, delivering the 1000th Roshel Senator armored vehicle to Ukraine ahead of schedule, bolstering defense capabilities during critical times," he said.

Throughout 2022, numerous new Senator vehicles were sent to Ukraine as part of military aid packages provided to Ukraine amidst the Russian invasion. Some of these Senators are currently actively used by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It is also noted that Ukrainian military personnel highly appreciate the Senator armored vehicles, actively deploying them in the most challenging combat zones. In the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, these machines have received high praise for their performance and play a crucial role in critical theaters of military operations.

The war in Ukraine became the first combat deployment for the Roshel Senator, testing its capabilities under demanding operational conditions.

Roshel Senator is a Canadian armored vehicle manufactured by Roshel Defense Solutions since 2019. The vehicle is built on the Ford F-550 chassis and features an armored steel body and glass capable of withstanding shots from .50 caliber weapons. The Senator also has an explosion-resistant body, allowing it to withstand grenades or mine blasts. The vehicle's tires have a run-flat system with on-the-go inflation.

Supply of Senators to Ukraine

It was reported at the end of last year that Canada had transferred combat armored vehicles Senators, to Ukrainian border guards. By June, it became known that Canada had manufactured all 200 armored Senator vehicles it had promised to deliver to Ukraine.

For more details on the specifications of the Senator used by the Ukrainian military, refer to the material by RBC-Ukraine.