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Ukraine forms 200-mile security zone in Black Sea with maritime drones

Ukraine forms 200-mile security zone in Black Sea with maritime drones Photo: Armed Forces establish 200-mile security zone in Black Sea with maritime strike drones (U24_GOV.UA)

Thanks to the use of maritime drones, Ukraine has been able to establish a 200-mile security zone in the Black Sea, according to the Main Intelligence Directorate.

Both the use of drones and missile strikes on Russian fleet objects in the Black Sea and near the temporarily occupied Crimea contributed to this achievement. This forced the Russians to withdraw their vessels from Sevastopol Bay and create a safe maritime corridor for merchant ships.

As stated by a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate with the call sign "13," the use of maritime drones by Ukraine is of significant importance.

"No one has the experience of using maritime drones like we do. There are no teachers, no textbooks. We are currently writing these books," said the intelligence officer.

Ukrainian fleet of maritime drones

Earlier, a journalist from The Times visited a secret Main Intelligence Directorate facility, specifically a secret base on the Dnipro River, which conceals Ukraine's new fleet of maritime drones. A video report on this secret facility was released in the media.

The commander of the unmanned fleet with the call sign "13" claimed to have made breakthroughs in the most advanced Russian military ships, sinking two targets near the Black Sea in Crimea on November 10.

Previously, the head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Vasyl Maliuk, announced that Ukraine had produced a unique maritime surface drone called Sea Baby. The production of these drones is in Ukraine, but the factories are located underground.

For more details on how the Defense Forces of Ukraine use drones to counter Russian occupiers in the Black Sea, refer to the material by RBC-Ukraine.