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Ukraine discussion at EU summit: Scholz offered Orban to leave

Ukraine discussion at EU summit: Scholz offered Orban to leave Photo: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (Getty Images)

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has suggested that the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, leave the room during the decision-making process on Ukraine, according to Politico.

"Several hours into difficult discussions on opening accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova, which Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was holding up with his veto, it was German Chancellor Olaf Scholz who came up with the solution," the article says.

It is noted that Scholz told Orban in the presence of other leaders that if he truly did not want to agree, he could leave the room so that EU leaders could make a unanimous decision on expansion in his absence.

This proposal was not spontaneous but was agreed upon during previous discussions. The source stated that Orban was "momentarily absent from the room in a pre-agreed and constructive manner."

European Council's decision on Ukraine

Today, on December 14, during the summit, leaders of European Union countries approved the opening of accession talks with Ukraine.

This decision was made amid concerns that Hungary would block the decision by imposing a veto. However, at the time of the vote, the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban left the room.

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