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Ukraine attacks military base, oil refinery, and power substation in Russia - source

Ukraine attacks military base, oil refinery, and power substation in Russia - source Photo: Oil depot on fire in Kalach-na-Donu in the Volgograd region (

Explosive night was in several regions of Russia. Ukrainian drones targeted a Russian military airfield, oil refinery, and power substation, according to an RBC-Ukraine source.

It was a joint operation of the Security Service and Defense Intelligence.

As a result of the attack, explosions were heard at the Akhtubinsk military base in the Astrakhan region, at the 500 power substation in the Rostov region, and at the oil depot in Kalach-na-Donu in the Volgograd region.

During the drone attack on the military airfield, Russian Telegram channels claimed that the Pantsir SAM was allegedly activated and a series of large explosions sounded. This information was later deleted. The source notes that it means the attack was a success, as the Russian authorities usually clean up the information after important military targets are hit.

"The SSU, together with the DIU and other defense forces, will continue to ensure hot summer nights at Russian military facilities working for the war against Ukraine. The enemy will pay for all its inhuman crimes," the source added.

What is known about the night attack on Russia

Russians reported on drone attacks in six regions at once overnight. In the morning, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that on the night of July 9, air defense forces allegedly shot down 3 drones over the Belgorod region, 7 over the Kursk region, 2 over the Voronezh region, 21 more in the Rostov region, and 5 drones over the Astrakhan region.

Local authorities claimed that transformers at a power substation in the Rodionovo-Nesvetaysky district of the Rostov region caught fire, while Russian Telegram channels added that drones attacked a fuel tanker and a bakery.

Governor of the Volgograd region, Andrey Bocharov, wrote about the attack. According to him, the falling debris caused a fire at a substation in the town of Frolovo and at an oil depot in the city of Kalach-na-Donu.

The airports of Astrakhan and Volgograd were temporarily closed for receiving and sending flights because of the drone attack.