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Ukraine and Sweden to strengthen cooperation in nuclear industry

Ukraine and Sweden to strengthen cooperation in nuclear industry Ukraine and Sweden to strengthen cooperation in the nuclear industry (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Ukraine and Sweden are set to deepen their cooperation in the nuclear sector, a move aimed at bolstering the energy security of both nations and the European continent, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy.

This was announced during a meeting between Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko and Swedish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy, Business, and Industry, Ebba Busch, in Kyiv.

Halushchenko emphasized that cooperation in the nuclear sector between Ukraine and Sweden is a priority, especially in light of reducing Russia's influence on the nuclear fuel market and nuclear technologies in Europe.

"We have demonstrated to other countries that the future of the nuclear industry is possible without Russia: Ukrainian specialists from Energoatom collaborated with experts from the Westinghouse plant in Sweden to create technology that allowed us to use fuel from Western production in Soviet-designed VVER reactors. Now this fuel is successfully operating at the Rivne Nuclear Power Plant," he added.

Halushchenko stressed that Ukrainian experience gained during the recent war years proves that having a strong base generation is crucial for energy system resilience. For Ukraine, this base generation is nuclear, which has helped us survive already the third winter in conditions of war.

Ebba Busch supported these views, noting that Sweden plans to develop not only renewable energy but also nuclear energy. She recognized the importance of stable and reliable energy generation for ensuring the energy security of countries, especially in unpredictable circumstances, and expressed readiness for further cooperation with Ukraine in this direction.