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U.S. to send two Iron Dome anti-missile systems to Israel - Reuters

U.S. to send two Iron Dome anti-missile systems to Israel - Reuters The U.S. will send two Iron Dome anti-missile systems to Israel (photo:

The Pentagon is planning to return two Iron Dome missile defense systems, which it had previously acquired from Israel, back to the country, according to Reuters.

The U.S. Department of Defense informed members of Congress during a briefing on Wednesday that it plans to lease the Iron Dome missile defense systems back to Israel. It is reported that in this type of financial agreement, ownership rights remain with the buyer.

According to a congressional aide, the missile defense systems will be returned to Israel within the next few days. The Pentagon had previously considered and tested these systems as a means of protecting Guam's territory from Chinese missiles.

What is Iron Dome

The Iron Dome is a mobile air defense system developed by the Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

The Iron Dome system is capable of intercepting and destroying tactical unguided rockets and artillery shells launched from distances ranging from 4 to 70 kilometers, with trajectories that pose a threat to populated areas.

Since 2015, the system has been upgraded to have the capability to intercept drones. Additionally, it can target aircraft flying at altitudes of up to 10 kilometers. In August 2022, Israel claimed that the Iron Dome had successfully intercepted 97% of Palestinian rockets.

Israel's war with HAMAS

On October 7, Hamas militants infiltrated Israeli territory. They engaged in shooting and abductions of civilians, and terrorists shared videos of their acts on social media.

In response, Israel initiated an operation against HAMAS. The military has successfully driven the militants out of the country. The next phase may involve a ground operation in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) had previously conducted raids into the Gaza Strip, during which a group of terrorists was eliminated. However, Israeli soldiers did not penetrate deep into the territory.

Furthermore, on October 19, Israel's Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant, pledged to IDF soldiers that they would soon "see Gaza from the inside."