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Israel conducts local raids in Gaza Strip

Israel conducts local raids in Gaza Strip Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) entered the territory of the Gaza Strip today, October 13, as part of local raids. Military equipment was used for this purpose, according to the IDF spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari.

According to him, the raids involved armored and infantry units. They were able to prevent HAMAS militants armed with anti-tank weapons from entering Israeli territory.

"The forces located findings that may help in the effort to locate the missing," Hagari added.

He emphasizes that the Israel Defense Forces will continue to make every effort to gather information about those missing and held as hostages.

According to The Times of Israel, 150-200 people were taken hostage by HAMAS during an attack on Saturday, October 7. As of now, the IDF has informed the families of 120 hostages that their relatives are being held in the Gaza Strip.

Israel's War with HAMAS

Last week, HAMAS militants invaded Israeli territory, killing and kidnapping civilians and soldiers.

In response, the IDF announced an operation against the militants, striking at their locations within the Gaza Strip.

It is worth noting that Israel only approved the ground operation in the Gaza Strip on October 7 when the hostilities had just begun.

According to media reports, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already informed U.S. President Joe Biden that his country has no choice but to enter the Gaza Strip to eliminate HAMAS militants.