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U.S. to provide Ukraine with new batch of cluster munitions soon - NYT

U.S. to provide Ukraine with new batch of cluster munitions soon - NYT The United States will soon transfer a new batch of cluster munitions to Ukraine (Photo: Getty Images)

The United States plans to send more cluster munitions to Ukraine shortly, according to The New York Times.

"Now, two months after the United States shipped an initial tranche of the munitions to Ukraine to ensure its troops did not run out of ammunition, three American officials said the Biden administration is planning to send more, and soon," the article states.

The publication also notes, citing Ukrainian military personnel, that cluster munitions have proven highly effective.

"They are super efficient. When our guys see how we use them against the enemy, their spirits soar," said Ukrainian Marine Sergey, who participated in battles for Urozhaine.

Cluster munitions for Ukraine

In July, the United States delivered cluster munitions to Ukraine, providing a temporary solution to the issue of artillery ammunition supply.

Previously, President Joe Biden of the United States stated that such munitions would help Ukrainian forces continue their counteroffensive. Additionally, American media reported that the U.S. plans to supply Ukraine with cluster munitions for rocket artillery.

Russia has previously used cluster munitions both on the frontlines and in attacks on the civilian population of Ukraine.