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U.S. State Department hints at readiness to intensify sanctions against Lukashenko

U.S. State Department hints at readiness to intensify sanctions against Lukashenko Photo: U.S. State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The United States condemns the criminal actions of the Lukashenko regime in Belarus. Washington has hinted that it is ready to increase sanctions, according to U.S. Department of State spokesperson Matthew Miller.

He notes that the United States strongly condemns the recent raids by the Lukashenko regime and the detention of former political prisoners and their relatives.

"The U.S. continues to hold the regime accountable for the ongoing attacks on human rights and attempts to thwart the democratic aspirations of the people of Belarus," Miller says.

What preceded it

On January 23, the Belarusian KGB conducted massive raids and detentions of former political prisoners and relatives of current political prisoners. They continued the next day.

Security forces were allegedly conducting searches as part of cases of financing and participation in extremist groups. Human rights activists in Belarus say that dozens of people were detained.

Belarus' assistance in Russia's war against Ukraine

From the first days of the full-scale invasion, Belarus has been helping Russia in the war against Ukraine, in particular, by deploying Russian equipment and troops on its territory. In addition, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russians are deploying almost 22,000 troops on the northern border with Ukraine.

Belarus has also organized so-called training with Russia, which has been ongoing since April 29, 2022.

In addition, Lukashenko's regime is assisting Russia in the deportation of Ukrainian children. Recently, the United States imposed sanctions on Belarus for helping Russia and deporting Ukrainian children.