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U.S. soldiers injured as minibus overturns in Romania

U.S. soldiers injured as minibus overturns in Romania Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

A minibus carrying American soldiers, traveling from the Deveselu Romanian base, overturned on the ring road of the city of Karakal. Five military personnel were injured, according to USA Today.

As a result of the accident on the bypass road of Karakal, five American soldiers were injured. They were taken to the Karakal municipal hospital for medical assistance.

"From the first checks, the police found out that a man, while driving a car with 8+1 seats, in which there were 7 people, at the intersection of VO6G with the Communal Road 147, in the municipality of Caracal, allegedly lost control of the direction of displacement and overturned outside the carriageway" a source reported.

Law enforcement officials stated that the driver tested negative for alcohol.

On August 28, a bus traveling from Constanta to Odesa in Romania was involved in an accident with 40 Ukrainians. As a result of the crash, 12 people were injured.