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U.S. presidential candidate Ramaswamy urges exit from NATO - Politico

U.S. presidential candidate Ramaswamy urges exit from NATO - Politico Photo: Republican Vivek Ramaswamy (Getty Images)

One of the candidates for the U.S. presidency from the Republican Party, Vivek Ramaswamy, wants the country to exit NATO, reports Politico.

The publication, citing informed sources, notes that Ramaswamy has expressed to various groups of experts and supporters his desire to withdraw the U.S. from NATO. Politico speculates that the Republican might take such a step if he becomes president.

Back in October, in an interview with Politico, Ramaswamy called the idea of the U.S. leaving NATO sensible but did not openly endorse it. He also suggested that it might be time for the United States to withdraw from the United Nations.

Ramaswamy's campaign spokesperson, Tricia Mclaughlin, declined to directly comment on what the Republican would do regarding NATO but did not deny the candidate's position.

“Vivek has serious concerns that most NATO allies fail to meet their military investment commitments and will reevaluate our own support as necessary. He also believes that post Cold War NATO expansionism has unnecessarily increased the risk of major conflict with Russia,” she said.

It's worth adding that Ramaswamy is not the only U.S. presidential candidate discussing the country's withdrawal from NATO. Former Republican President Donald Trump previously made a similar statement.

The publication notes that the U.S. exit from NATO could mark the beginning of the most significant transatlantic crisis in the last decade, raising questions about Washington's ability to support allies and hindering NATO's ability to act as a deterrent force against Russia.

It's important to recall that the U.S. Congress has prohibited presidents from unilaterally deciding to withdraw from NATO.

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