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U.S. hit Houthis again after they attacked a tanker with Russian oil

U.S. hit Houthis again after they attacked a tanker with Russian oil Photo: The USA struck a new blow against the Houthis (wikimedia)

The U.S. military struck the Houthi forces in Yemen. This happened following new attacks by the group on civilian ships, according to Bloomberg and the US Central Command.

As reported, the U.S. Central Command forces struck a Houthi anti-ship missile that was ready to launch and posed an "immediate threat" to navigation in the area.

As a result of the strikes, the U.S. Armed Forces destroyed the missile.

What led to this

The U.S. strike occurred a few hours after Houthi rebels attacked the Marlin Luanda vessel, which was transporting Russian-origin petroleum products. No crew members were harmed in the Houthi attack.

The cargo was intended for the production of plastic and gasoline. The raw material was loaded onto the ship in Greece, indicating a violation of EU and US sanctions on the export of Russian petroleum products by the carrier.

Bloomberg notes that after the incident in the Red Sea, oil prices rose on the global markets.


Since November, Houthi attacks on trade ships with ties to Israel have continued in the Red Sea. In January, the terrorist group carried out its most significant attack. US and British military forces repelled the attack in the Red Sea.

In early January, the US and the UK launched powerful strikes on targets associated with the Houthis in Yemen. This was in response to the constant Houthi attacks on civilian ships in the Red Sea.

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