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U.S. Ambassador criticized Hungary for disregarding NATO interests

U.S. Ambassador criticized Hungary for disregarding NATO interests The U.S. Ambassador to Hungary, David Pressman (twitter: @DavidPressman)

U.S. Ambassador to Hungary, David Cornstein, criticized the Hungarian government for disregarding the interests of its NATO allies and strengthening ties with Russia, according to Reuters.

Speaking before American companies that have invested in Hungary, Pressman stated that the country is thriving as a member of the European Union and NATO, allowing successful business operations. However, he noted a growing trend of Hungary relying on its NATO allies but ignoring their interests, including during the conflict in Europe.

"Yet today, we are increasingly seeing an Ally that relies upon its NATO Allies, but feels comfortable disregarding the interests of those same Allies and our Alliance, including during a time of war in Europe," Pressman stated.

He added that when Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban embraces Russian President Vladimir Putin and when his government threatens to block necessary EU aid to Ukraine, this disregard for NATO allies becomes evident.

Hungary has been a member of the North Atlantic Alliance since 1999.

The deteriorating relationship between Budapest and Washington is reportedly linked to Hungary's delay in ratifying Sweden's NATO accession and Orban's warm ties with Moscow, despite the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Orban's statements regarding Ukraine

In May, Orban suggested that Ukraine could not win the war against Russia. At that time, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to the head of the Hungarian government, stating that the Kremlin should be pleased since the Prime Minister of Hungary absolved Russia of responsibility for its aggression against Ukraine.

Orban also threatens to disrupt the December summit of EU leaders, where assistance to Kyiv and the start of negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the European Union will be discussed.