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Two injured in Kyiv region after Russian attack

Two injured in Kyiv region after Russian attack Photo: two people were injured due to an attack by the Russian Federation in the Kyiv region on June 23 (

Due to a Russian missile attack on the night of June 23, two people were injured in the Kyiv region. Falling debris also caused damage, according to the Telegram channel of the head of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration, Ruslan Kravchenko.

"This morning, the enemy attacked our region with rockets. As of 8:00 AM, two people have sought medical attention. Their injuries are minor, and they have received medical care on site. The injured do not require hospitalization," he said.

Consequences of the Russian missile attack

As a result of falling debris in one of the settlements, 6 multi-story buildings and over 20 private houses were damaged. Windows, balconies, facades, and roofs have been shattered.

Also affected are gas stations, pharmacies, businesses, an administrative building, and 3 vehicles.

"Emergency services on the ground continue to document and mitigate the consequences of the rocket attack," noted Kravchenko.

Consequences of the Russian rocket attack on Kyiv region on June 23 (

Russian Shelling of Ukraine On June 23, air raid sirens sounded in Kyiv and several regions of Ukraine due to another hostile missile attack. Later reports confirmed explosions in Kyiv, with air defense systems active.

It was later revealed that Russia launched three Kalibr missiles at Ukraine, two of which were successfully intercepted.