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Truth about hair scrub: Insights from professional hairdresser

Truth about hair scrub: Insights from professional hairdresser Is hair scrub effective or not (Photo:

Hair scrub is often advertised as a miracle solution for your locks, promising to combat greasiness, provide volume, and more. But does the advertising match reality?

Hairdresser Ruslana Bela reveals the truth on her Instagram.

Why hair scrub isn't effective

According to the expert, one shouldn't trust ads claiming that a scrub "will magically solve all hair issues."

"A scrub is a serious matter that, if chosen incorrectly, can irritate the scalp and damage its natural barrier. Harmful bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms can cause irritation," Ruslana wrote.

She mentioned that scrubs can be physical, chemical, acidic, etc.

They should only be prescribed by a trichologist after examination.

"Don't self-medicate and don't create problems where they could be avoided. If damaged hair can grow back, damage to the scalp will require serious treatment!" the hairdresser warns.

According to her, scrubs can be compared to antibiotics: they should only be used as prescribed by a doctor, exactly the ones they prescribed, and for a limited amount of time.

The hairdresser mentioned that shampoo cleanses faster than a scrub.

"It's natural that the skin can cleanse itself, and it does so with the help of skin oil. Shampoo's function is to wash away the skin oil along with the dirt it absorbed. Because any shampoo contains surfactants whose task is to dissolve this oil. Scrub doesn't contain them, so it can't remove dirt from the scalp," summarized the specialist.

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