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Trump wants to appoint Musk as his adviser in case winning election

Trump wants to appoint Musk as his adviser in case winning election Donald Trump, former US President (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

The US presidential candidate Donald Trump has been in talks with Twitter CEO Elon Musk for several months regarding the possible appointment of the latter as an advisor if Trump returns to the White House, citing The Wall Street Journal.

Journalists spoke with several sources who confirmed the discussions between the SpaceX founder and the former president, stating that Musk now calls Trump directly from his mobile phone several times a month.

Although the negotiations are preliminary in nature, and sources warn that they may fall through, Trump has expressed interest in finding a way to make Musk more involved in politics, possibly related to border security or the economy - two issues Musk has publicly commented on.

On his part, Musk could help Trump in his reelection bid not only by making a contribution to his campaign coffers but also by leveraging the power and influence of other wealthy donors, although he has declined public endorsement.

They first met this year at a donor breakfast in early March, held at Montsorrel, billionaire Nelson Peltz's residence in Palm Beach, Florida. The meeting was first reported by The New York Times, noting that Trump was seeking financial contributions.

According to WSJ, during the meeting, the topic of Musk becoming an advisor to Trump was raised, with one source likening it to the advisory role of former Marvel chief Isaac Perlmutter at the Department of Veterans Affairs in the Trump administration.

Among other topics discussed by Trump and Musk were the US Space Force, created during Trump's first presidential term, as well as Musk's technological companies, electric vehicle manufacturing, which Trump criticized at his rallies, and immigration.

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