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Top US media urge Biden and Trump to hold debates

Top US media urge Biden and Trump to hold debates Photo: Joe Biden and Donald Trump (collage by RBC-Ukraine)

The largest media organizations in the United States have called on American President Joe Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump, who has announced his candidacy for this year's elections, to hold debates, informs ABC News.

ABC News is part of a coalition of five major broadcast and cable news networks, as well as the largest TV, print, and radio companies, which have written an open letter urging presidential candidates to publicly commit to participating in televised debates ahead of the general elections.

In addition to ABC News, the letter was signed by:

  • CBS News
  • CNN
  • NBCUniversal News Group
  • FOX News Media
  • as well as The Associated Press
  • C-SPAN
  • NewsNation
  • Noticias Univision (Univision Network News)
  • NPR
  • PBS NewsHour

"With the contours of the 2024 general election now coming into clear focus, we - the undersigned national news organizations - urge the presumptive presidential nominees to publicly commit to participating in general election debates before November's election," the letter said.

This unusual step was taken against the backdrop of the election cycle, during which the practice of debates has been met with uncertainty by both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

US elections

The presidential elections in the United States are scheduled for November 5, 2024. According to forecasts, the main candidate from the Democrats will be the incumbent American leader, Joe Biden.

Among the Republicans, in addition to Donald Trump, former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley participated in the race, but she withdrew from the race in early March.

On March 3, it was reported that according to a survey conducted by The New York Times and Siena College, in a hypothetical rematch, Trump leads Biden by five points.

And on March 5, Biden and Trump won in the nationwide party primaries in most states. The candidates have set the stage for a historic rematch in the November general elections, despite their low popularity ratings.

The Economist states that according to averaged polling data, Biden is supported by 45% of voters, and Trump - by 44%. Overall, as of March, the chances of both candidates appear to be roughly equal.