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Trichologist reveals how often to brush hair daily to avoid damage

Trichologist reveals how often to brush hair daily to avoid damage How often to brush hair (photo: Freepik)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Hair care is important to keep hair healthy. This includes both excessive washing and even hair brushing, according to Huffpost website.

There are many benefits to hair brushing except for the simple removal of tangles.

Trichologist Shab Caspara explains that gentle hair brushing can stimulate blood circulation under the scalp and increase oxygen and nutrient consumption by the follicle.

Dermatologist Jody Levine adds that brushing also helps distribute natural oils to the follicles.

Proper brushing can maintain hair health by enhancing blood flow and sebum distribution to the scalp, and preventing hair loss.

The harm of excessive hair brushing

According to Levine, excessive hair brushing can cause brittleness and even hair loss.

In particular, attention should be paid to the brushing technique. Improper hair brushing, such as starting from the top and brushing down, can lead to more tangling.

When hair is wet, it becomes very fragile and more prone to breakage.

It is also important to avoid using a comb with sharp bristles if you have sensitive scalp.

How often to brush hair

It is important to consider hair type and adjust brushing technique accordingly to prevent further damage.


If you have eczema or dermatitis, gentle brushing once or twice a day with a soft brush may be beneficial. However, avoid any inflamed areas or open wounds.


Regular brushing can distribute oils through the hair, reducing dandruff flakes. However, avoid brushing too harshly or excessively, as it may lead to dandruff and inflammation.

Curly or wavy hair

Gently brush hair when wet. Using a wide-tooth comb can help preserve the structure of your hair and prevent breakage.

However, if you want to brush your hair while blow-drying, you can use a dense brush with natural bristles.

Oily hair

Excessive brushing of oily hair can overly stimulate sebum production. Such hair should be brushed once or twice a day.

Straight hair

Straight hair tends to tangle more easily than other hair types, so it should be brushed more often. However, be gentle to avoid damage.

Short hair

For those with short hair, frequent brushing and scalp massage are beneficial, especially for circulation.

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