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Travel light: How to journey with just one backpack

Travel light: How to journey with just one backpack How to travel with just one backpack (

Traveling is often accompanied by long and tedious packing and unpleasant surprises of unforeseen extra charges for excess weight at the airport. However, if you want to relax and not spend extra money, try to fit all your luggage into one backpack. It only seems complicated, it's effortless indeed.

Is it realistic to go on vacation without a lot of luggage

You don't need to take a lot of things when traveling, especially if you don't plan to stay in another country or city for a long time. Everything you need can be put in a backpack, so you know for sure that no one will lose your luggage, and everything you need will be at hand.

To travel with a backpack, keep these 6 basic rules in mind:

  • choose a comfortable and roomy backpack, you need a variant designed specifically for traveling, not for walking or studying
  • check with the airline you are going to use to find out the rules for carrying hand luggage. Knowing the parameters and exact dimensions, you will definitely be able to choose the perfect backpack to replace your suitcase
  • Pack a capsule of clothes. Take only what you will actually wear. Often two pairs of pants, three T-shirts, comfortable shoes, and a few accessories are enough, so you can combine things and not worry about not having anything to wear while traveling
  • Use organizers. They will help you separate your luggage into several parts, which will make it much easier to find things in your backpack. Besides, this way you can store dirty things separately from clean ones
  • Fold your clothes properly. Try to roll things up instead of folding them in squares, so you will save space and be able to take much more clothes
  • Do not take full-size care products and cosmetics. Buy small jars of shampoo, and also look through your makeup bag. When traveling, you don't need to take large eyeshadow palettes and several shades of powder. Take only what you need for light makeup.

Travel light: How to journey with just one backpackHow to pack a backpack for traveling (illustration:

What to pack in a backpack for traveling - many people forget about it

Clothes and cosmetics are not the most important things you need to take with you on vacation. Depending on where you're going, the list of things may vary. But there are items that you can't go without:

  • documents
  • money and a bank card
  • charger and power bank
  • a universal first aid kit and the medicines you need
  • napkins, toilet paper, tampons, or pads for women
  • hat and sun protection (if you are traveling to warm countries or traveling in summer)
  • mosquito and other insect repellent (if you are going to the forest or walking in the mountains).

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