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Transfer of long-range missiles to Ukraine not escalation: Cameron hints to Germany

Transfer of long-range missiles to Ukraine not escalation: Cameron hints to Germany David Cameron, Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Countries of NATO can only escalate the war in Ukraine if they send soldiers to confront Russia. All other assistance is not escalation, states British Foreign Secretary David Cameron at a joint press conference with his German colleague Annalena Baerbock.

According to him, at every stage, Ukraine's allies were warned that providing certain weapons - such as anti-tank systems, tanks, and long-range artillery - would be seen by Russia as an escalation.

Lord Cameron has noted that as a result of this escalation, it never happened.

"'If what you're doing is helping a country defend itself from illegal and completely unjustified aggression' then there is 'nothing to stop you'," the head of the Foreign Ministry says.

He emphasizes that until the West is "not in a situation where a NATO soldier is killing a Russian soldier, this is not escalation."

At the same time, Cameron refuses to discuss whether Britain is pressuring Germany to start supplying Taurus missiles to Ukraine.

"When it comes to the long-range weapons, I can only speak to Britain's experience of how effective these weapons have been," the minister adds.

Responding to questions about Taurus for Ukraine, Baerbock has said that this should not be discussed publicly.

Taurus for Ukraine

Since last year, Ukraine has been asking Germany to start supplying long-range Taurus missiles capable of destroying targets up to 500 kilometers away.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz opposes such a transfer. According to him, for Ukraine to use such missiles, allegedly the presence of German soldiers on the ground is needed. He fears that this could lead to Germany's involvement in a war with Russia.

The chancellor also fears that "if used incorrectly," German missiles could strike Moscow.

More details on whether Ukraine will receive such missiles can be found in the material by RBС-Ukraine.