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Trainer explains why people can't get rid of fat in problem areas

Trainer explains why people can't get rid of fat in problem areas What to do if you can't get rid of fat in problem areas (photo: Freepik)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Very often, fat deposits accumulate in areas that are difficult to work out with exercise, such as above the knees or on the sides. You can get rid of such fat if you take the right approach to solving this issue, according to Ukrainian trainer Yuriy Popko.

"When people notice fat accumulating in certain areas, they often think they need to do exercises to burn the fat there. For example, if fat accumulates on the sides, they do side bends. If it appears in the abdominal area, they work on their abs. If it's above the knee, they do leg lifts. But in reality, such exercises have no relation to spot fat reduction," says the trainer.

Popko explains that if you have fat appearing in certain areas, it means you're overeating, so you need to reassess your diet and create a deficit.

"If the deficit needs to be minor, for example, 300-400 calories, then you can add more activity. If it's more, you need to review your diet," says the expert.

What kind of workouts are best for weight loss

“In terms of energy expenditure, it doesn't matter whether you do cardio or strength training, as long as you have a calorie deficit. But I would recommend focusing on strength training because it allows you to change your body composition. Such training will help you grow muscles,” says Popko.

He adds that a calorie deficit will lead to fat loss, while strength training will help build muscle.

“While you are losing weight, your body needs to be in shape, so exercise is important. If you want to do cardio workouts, you can do them as an additional activity,” says the trainer.

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