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Toyota initiates recall of 1 million cars due to airb bag issue

Toyota initiates recall of 1 million cars due to airb bag issue Photo: Toyota initiates recall of 1 million cars for airbBag issue (GettyImages)

Toyota Motor Co. is recalling 1 million vehicles due to a defect in airbag sensors, posing a risk of the airbags not deploying correctly, according to Apnews.

The recall affects a range of Toyota and Lexus models from the 2020 to 2022 model years, including popular models like the Toyota Avalon, Camry, Highlander, RAV4, Sienna, Corolla, and their hybrid versions, as well as Lexus models like the ES250 sedan and RX350 SUV.

The issue lies in the front passenger seat sensors, which may have been manufactured improperly, leading to potential malfunction in airbag deployment during crashes.

Toyota and Lexus dealers will inspect and replace the Occupant Classification System (OCS) sensors at no cost, with customer notifications starting by mid-February 2024.

Vehicle owners can contact Toyota or Lexus directly for further information regarding the recall.

Airbag recall

This recall stems from discovering a potential safety hazard in Toyota and Lexus vehicles, specifically in the airbag system's ability to detect passenger weight and deploy accordingly correctly.

The proactive measure Toyota took to recall and fix the defective sensors reflects the company's commitment to customer safety and adherence to regulatory standards in the automotive industry.

The announcement is part of the broader context of automotive manufacturers regularly monitoring and addressing safety issues to ensure compliance with safety regulations and protect consumers.

Also, we recently wrote that Tesla is initiating a recall of over 2 million vehicles, nearly all cars sold in the United States.