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Top rated snacks: Ideal options for both adults and children

Top rated snacks: Ideal options for both adults and children Scientists have named the best snack for adults and children (photo:

Breakfast, lunch, dinner - all according to schedule. But sometimes between them, you feel like having a snack, and then certain nutritious treats come to the rescue. They are also handy on long journeys or can satisfy a child after training. Snacks are specifically designed for such situations.

The following snacks are considered the best, according to Nutrients magazine.

Researchers named dried fruits as the best snack. They are a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other beneficial substances.

Such a product can be part of your healthy diet. Dried fruits can be consumed as they are, added to salads, porridge, yogurt, baked goods, used to make compotes, jellies, and much more.

Daily intake of dried fruits:

  • For adults - 50-100 grams
  • For children - 20-50 grams

Dieticians from Massachusetts University in their study have proven that dried fruits, fruit purees, and canned fruits contain the highest amount of fiber and nutrients. Moreover, such products contain very little sugar.

Scientists analyzed the nutrient content in 1,497 types of fruit snacks to determine which snacks would be the most beneficial for health.

For a comparison of snack healthiness, researchers used the Nutrient Rich Foods (NRF) index, which calculates an overall quality score based on a specific set of nutrients in products. This model takes into account the content of desired nutrients (protein, dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin D, calcium, iron) and those that should be limited in the diet (saturated fats, cholesterol, added sugars, and sodium).

The analysis results showed that dried fruits, fruit purees, and canned fruits were the least sweet and fatty. Moreover, such food showed a high fiber content - important for the normal functioning of the intestine fibers that are not digested.

However, "unhealthy" snacks such as fruit jellies and fruit-based bars were classified by researchers.

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