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Top 5 worst products for your teeth according to dentist

Top 5 worst products for your teeth according to dentist Dentist names the most harmful products for teeth (photo: Freepik)

All of us love to eat sweets, and everyone knows that there's no benefit in it. But is it really true that sweets have such a negative impact on the health of our teeth? Which products are truly harmful to our teeth, explains dentist Yan Stremsky.

5 worst products for your teeth

"Everything is poison, everything is medicine; the dose makes the poison," quotes the doctor Paracelsus Yan.

The dentist says that many of his patients are not ashamed of their passion for simple carbohydrates, but they have great teeth. Some note that it's genetics, and according to Yan, there is indeed a big difference in which candies to consume and in what quantity.

The worst sweets for your teeth are popsicles. They stay in the oral cavity for a fairly long time, supporting the activity of cariogenic bacteria.

"So it's better to consume chocolate, which quickly dissolves in the oral cavity, and afterwards, if possible, brush your teeth," advises the dentist.

Also, sweet drinks are quite dangerous for the health of your teeth. And the most frightening of them are "very useful," "vitamin" compotes, the amount of sugar in which is several times more than in Coca-Cola.

Therefore, try to consume more plain drinking water, which will always be beneficial for you.

Another interesting product is honey. Yes, it is genuinely beneficial, but some people forget that the same sugar hides behind its benefits.

"In my practice, there was a case where parents smeared honey on the gums of a child who was teething. And afterward, at the appointment, they couldn't understand why these teeth immediately had cavities," the dentist shares. Dentist named 5 worst products for your teeth

Yan also added that nuts with a hard shell are dangerous to consume. They are indeed healthy, but when a person tries to crack this "protection," teeth often cannot withstand such pressure and may crack.

Meat on the bones can also be added to this group. Very tasty, but sometimes it ends with a chipped tooth.

"So, try to eat right, at least try to. Of course, you don't need to completely restrict yourself from all sweet and tasty products, but do it in moderation. And most importantly, don't forget about proper oral hygiene," concludes Stremsky.

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