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Top 10 crowd-free locations to visit in Europe

Top 10 crowd-free locations to visit in Europe Photo: Primošten in Croatia (

Tourists seek interesting picturesque places and vibrant emotions in their travels. But the impressions from visiting locations are often spoiled by crowds of tourists.

Here are the top 10 lesser-known places in Europe recognized as the best to visit in 2024, according to

Most interesting lesser-known locations are in Spain

The most interesting places worth visiting, which are far from the beaten track, are determined by the European Best Destinations ranking.

Leading the ranking are two cities in Spain – Villajoyosa and Ares del Maestre.

Villajoyosa, translated from Spanish as "happy town," is located south of Valencia, a 20-minute drive from the bustling Benidorm, yet it feels like a world of its own. Villajoyosa boasts colorful houses, golden sandy beaches, and world-class cuisine. Tourists appreciate the fresh fish and seafood, but the true delicacy is chocolate.

Visitors can enjoy snorkeling at the beaches of Puentes del Moro and El Charco.

Top 10 crowd-free locations to visit in Europe

Photo: Villajoyosa in Spain (

Ares del Maestre is located halfway between Barcelona and Valencia atop a rocky hill, offering breathtaking views of the Maestrat landscape.

The city traces its history back to the 14th century, attracting tourists with its ancient architecture: picturesque narrow streets and the Mola Castle. Tourists can visit the Museum de la Cueva del Castillo – a place in the rock where residents hid from attacks.

History enthusiasts should see the Gothic town hall and the neoclassical parish church, while sports enthusiasts can try paragliding from Mount Tossal d'Orenca.

One of the best beaches is in Croatia

Croatia always attracts many tourists. But the most famous cities like Dubrovnik or Hvar are crowded. Therefore, the ranking suggests heading to the less popular town of Primosten. Being 30 minutes by car from Šibenik airport, it is the best place for sun and sea lovers.

The Mala Raduca beach, 2 km long, is one of the longest in Croatia. On the coast, there are bars and restaurants where you can taste the country's best food, such as black risotto and stuffed peppers.

Water activities are also very popular in this location, attracting enthusiasts of active vacation.

Top 10 crowd-free locations to visit in EuropePhoto: Landscape in Primosten (screenshot from

Bokod floating village in Hungary

The Bokod floating village is located just a few kilometers from the town of Oroszlány, an hour's drive from Budapest. At the same time, tourists seem to enter another world of Asia, where they can spend days in bungalows over the water.

The wooden houses on the lake are mostly private property, but some welcome visitors and allow them access to rooftop terraces to see this unique place.

Moomin Troll Park in Finland

There is a small town called Naantali near Turku in southwestern Finland, which interests tourists with its culture and cuisine.

On the opposite shore of the sea from Naantali, on the island of Kailo, you can find a theme park dedicated to the iconic Moomin trolls.

Top 10 crowd-free locations to visit in Europe

Photo: Theme Park in Naantali (

After getting acquainted with the fairy-tale characters, Naantali itself is worth exploring separately. It is one of the oldest towns in Finland, founded around the medieval Brigittine monastery of Naantalin luostari, which still overlooks the town today.

5 another hidden gems of Europe

  • Bøur, Faroe Islands. It's one of the oldest places on the ranking, almost a millennium old. Today, only 75 people live here. Tourists will see beautiful wooden houses with green roofs and captivating landscapes.
  • Blåvand in Denmark. One of the most protected places in all of Denmark during World War II, with bunkers built on the beaches and artistically transformed. Now, sculptures of horses are placed on them.
  • Ulm on the Danube River in Germany is a blend of traditions from the old town to modern architecture in a cultural center. Among the landmarks are the colorful façade of the town hall and the Chapel of Saint Nicholas, dating back to the 13th century. The cultural center features buildings from the 20th century, as well as many museums, exhibitions, and various theaters.
  • Aljezur in Portugal is a small town with pristine nature, castles, beaches for surfers, parks, and a wide choice of restaurants.

Top 10 crowd-free locations to visit in Europe

Photo: Dartlo village in Georgia (

  • Dartlo village in northern Georgia is considered the most beautiful village in the country. Amidst green hills and mountains, you can see historical houses, defensive towers, and churches. They are all made of ancient stone and give the village an otherworldly appearance. The village is located at an altitude of 1850 meters above sea level.

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