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Up to 250 dollars. All countries where tourists have to pay holiday tax

Up to 250 dollars. All countries where tourists have to pay holiday tax Photo: Rest in Barcelona (

Excessive tourism in 2023 resulted from travel restrictions during the pandemic, so tourist destinations, after a period of calm, faced a huge influx of visitors. To compensate for the losses, countries are imposing additional fees on tourists.

Website reports where vacationers will have to pay extra in 2024.

Barcelona raises tourist tax

In 2022, the city authorities in Barcelona announced an increase in the tourist tax for the next 2 years. Tourists are required to pay both city and regional fees there.

On April 1, 2023, the city tax increased to 2.75 euros. Starting from April 1, 2024, the fee has risen to 3.25 euros per day. The tax applies to city guests staying in official tourist accommodations.

The revenue collected aims to fund city infrastructure, including road improvements, bus services, and escalators.

Portimão city in Portugal introduces levy in March

The port city in the Algarve region of Portugal will adjust the tax depending on high and low seasons. Visitors will pay 2 euros per night from April to October and 1 euro per night from November to March.

The popular fishing town of Olhão has implemented a similar tax, exempting children under 16 and capping it at five nights - requiring a maximum payment of 10 euros per trip.

Up to 250 dollars. All countries where tourists have to pay holiday taxPhoto: Street in Barcelona (

Two out of 16 municipalities in the Algarve already collect a tourist tax: Faro (1.5 euros per night for up to 7 nights from March to October) and Vila Real de Santo António (1 euro per day for up to 7 days).

Tourist levy introduced in Bali in February

Bali attracts tourists from around the world with its beaches, islands, and spiritual culture. To address the consequences of overtourism, Bali has implemented a tax for tourists. Since February 14, 2024, international and domestic visitors must pay a fee of 8.80 euros at special kiosks at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali.

In Venice, tourists must pay 5 Euros for entry

The city is one of the most popular in Europe, which forces locals to navigate narrow and overcrowded streets in the city center.

Visitors will have to pay 5 euros for entry from April to mid-July - a total of 29 days. The fee for a one-day excursion will apply during peak hours (from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm), meaning visitors coming to Venice for dinner or a concert will not have to pay.

The tax aims to reduce crowds, encourage longer visits, and improve the quality of life for residents. The funds will benefit the city - technical maintenance, cleaning, and reducing living costs.

Up to 250 dollars. All countries where tourists have to pay holiday taxPhoto: Tourists in Venice (

Countries where tourist tax is already a must

Tourist tax is collected in all European countries, often included in the accommodation cost. The price of the tax depends on the location and time of visiting the country. For example, the tourist tax in Vienna and Salzburg in Austria is around 3.2 euros.

In Belgium, the tourist tax is levied on accommodation and is calculated based on the number of nights spent in the country. In Antwerp and Bruges, a fee is charged per room, while in Brussels, it depends on the hotel. Typically, this fee is around 7.5 euros.

Bulgaria and Croatia have some of the lowest tourist tax rates. In Bulgaria, the tax is 1.5 euros depending on the area and hotel classification, while in Croatia, it's around 1.33 euros per night, with higher taxes during peak season in the summer months.

In the Czech Republic, tourists need to pay less than 1 euro to visit Prague. The fee is charged per visitor per night, with children under 18 exempt from this requirement.

Up to 250 dollars. All countries where tourists have to pay holiday taxPhoto: Tourists in Prague (

France also applies a tourist tax, which depends on the city. Prices can vary from 0.20 euros to almost 4 euros per person, and the fee is charged based on the number of nights spent.

In Germany, "culture tax" and "bed tax" have been introduced in the most popular cities such as Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Berlin. The commission is approximately 5% of the hotel bill.

Tourist tax in Greece depends on the hotel rating or the number of rooms and can reach up to 4 euros. The Greek Ministry of Tourism introduced this fee to reduce the country's debt.

In Hungary, tourist tax is only applied in Budapest, and travelers must pay around 4% for each night spent based on the room price.

Taxes in Italy depend on the tourist destination. The cost of the room ranges from 3 to 7 euros per night.

The Netherlands applies two types of taxes - land and water tourist tax. In Amsterdam, the highest tourist tax is 7% of the hotel room rate.

The two most popular tourist destinations in Slovenia, Ljubljana and Bled, also impose a tourist tax, which depends on the hotel rating and costs around 3 euros.

Tourist tax in Switzerland depends on the location, and the cost per person per night is approximately 2.20 euros. Unlike other countries, the accommodation fee does not include the tourist tax and is only valid for stays of less than 40 days.

Up to 250 dollars. All countries where tourists have to pay holiday tax

Photo: Tourists in Switzerland (

The Caribbean Islands. On most Caribbean islands, tourist taxes are added to the hotel cost or departure fee. The fee ranges from 13 euros in the Bahamas to 45 euros in Antigua and Barbuda.

Bhutan imposes a relatively high tourist tax. The minimum daily fee for most foreigners is $250 (228 euros) per person per day in the high season and slightly less in the low season. However, it covers many expenses, including accommodation, transportation within the country, guides, meals, and entrance fees.

Japan has a departure tax. Tourists pay around 8 euros when leaving the country.

In Malaysia, the tourist tax is a fixed rate charged per night of stay, not exceeding about 4 euros per night.

Many tourists, people on working holidays, as well as some students and workers arriving in New Zealand, must pay an international conservation and tourism levy upon arrival – approximately 21 euros.

In the USA, a hotel tax or lodging tax for travelers renting accommodations is imposed in most states. The fee is set in hotels, motels, and guesthouses. The highest rate is in Houston – 17% of the hotel bill.