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Third Patriot battery for Ukraine from Germany - Air Force

Third Patriot battery for Ukraine from Germany - Air Force Patriot air defense system (Getty Images)

Recently, Germany announced the transfer of a third Patriot missile battery to Ukraine. Whether our Air Forces have already received this air defense system is not currently disclosed, according to Yurii Ihnat, the spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Forces, in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

He reminded that currently Ukrainian military personnel are undergoing training on the Patriot system in Germany.

"Germany has announced that it will provide us with a third system. However, the Air Force does not announce when this will happen or if it has already happened, so as not to give the enemy too much information," said Ihnat.

Patriot for Ukraine

Ukraine received its first Patriot missile system from Germany in April 2023. The transfer of the anti-aircraft missile system took place after training Ukrainian operators, which began in early February.

In November, it became known that Ukraine would soon receive another Patriot anti-aircraft missile system from Germany. Currently, two divisions of this air defense system are on combat duty.

It is worth adding that the Patriot system is capable of intercepting Russian ballistic and aeroballistic missiles, like the Kinzhal type. The Air Forces also reported that the Patriot missile system was used to destroy Russian aircraft in the sky over the Bryansk region of Russia on May 13, 2023.