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'I call it Bryansk massacre' - Air Force rep on Patriot taking down Russian aircraft

'I call it Bryansk massacre' - Air Force rep on Patriot taking down Russian aircraft Spokesperson for the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yurii Ihnat (Getty Images)

The Ukrainian Air Forces successfully used the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system to destroy Russian aviation in the sky over the Russia's Bryansk region on May 13, as a spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Forces, Yurii Ihnat, says in an interview with Novynarnia.

Ihnat responded to questions about a video published on the Anti-Aircraft Forces Day on July 3. The video shows Ukrainian military personnel presumably using the Patriot system to destroy Russian aviation on May 13, 2023.

"It was a brilliant operation under the leadership of the Air Forces commander. Thanks to unconventional and decisive actions, Patriot missile system units destroyed five aircraft in the Bryansk direction within five minutes, from where they were bombing our northern regions with guided aerial bombs. I call it the Bryansk massacre as a joke," said Ihnat.

He also notes that Patriot was later used in Odesa. The Ukrainian military shot down another Su-35 over the Black Sea.

"This happened sometime after the Bryansk region events. After that, they abstained from flying there for a while because they understood it was dangerous, and they could be shot down. The Patriot system provides such capabilities!" says the spokesperson.

On May 13, a helicopter crashed in the Bryansk region of the Russian Federation. According to Russian media, before the crash, the helicopter circled for a long time over the town of Klintsy and then fell onto a private house.

Later, the occupiers claimed that another helicopter had fallen in the Bryansk region. The second aircraft supposedly "landed" in the city of Starodub. It was also later revealed that another aircraft crashed in the Bryansk region, at that time referred to as another Su-34.

Meanwhile, Russian media stated that a helicopter and a Su-34 aircraft had fallen in the Bryansk region. Allegedly, an "interception" plan was announced in Klintsy, with Russians searching for saboteurs who "might be involved in the attack on Mi-8 and Su-34."