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Things to damage your pancrea. Avoid doing these during holidays

Things to damage your pancrea. Avoid doing these during holidays Why your pancreas hurts during the holidays (photo:

Holiday feasts and a variety of food and entertainment can negatively impact the condition of your pancreas. Many people complain after Christmas or New Year that their pancreas starts to act up.

What the pancreas doesn't like and how not to kill it during the holidays, according to Dr. Yuri Haborets.

Why your pancreas doesn't like

  • Alcohol
  • Fatty food
  • Processed meats
  • Sweets
  • Sugar
  • Overeating

"Or fasting and then eating everything in a row, food breakdowns. If you take anti-inflammatory drugs for a long time, heavy antibiotics on your own. Second: nerves, stress, spasms, ducts from spasms, it begins to digest itself," says the expert.

How to help yourself

Yuriy Gobarets gave a minimal piece of advice on how to help oneself with pancreatic problems.

During spasms, you can take No-Shpa or Duspatalin. In case of heaviness after eating, take Creon, 10,000 units after meals to aid digestion.

"If it still persists, it's better to wash out the stomach, half a liter of warm water, induce vomiting, and follow a diet 5A for two weeks. Acute pancreatitis can develop in 30 minutes (especially with alcohol plus sauna). Pancreonecrosis may occur. If at least a part of the pancreas survives, it will recover, but if the entire organ is affected, the prognosis is grim," warns the doctor.

He advises not to self-medicate in case of severe pain and to seek professional help immediately.

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