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These fragrances to mercilessly age woman: Tips from expert

These fragrances to mercilessly age woman: Tips from expert Photo: What perfumes can add age (

Perfume is a kind of business card for a woman that helps to distinguish her from others. Every woman has her own signature scent.

Daily Express will tell you what fragrances can age a woman and add age to her with their scents.

What scents can age you

A fragrance expert from the London-based perfume company Miller Harris has named the scents that can age you.

Although floral notes are often present in more classic fragrances, they are not a problem at all.

"Floral notes are present in most fragrances, but the key lies in the composition and modern interpretation that the perfumer brings to the fragrance," the expert notes.

According to the perfume specialist, instead of avoiding specific notes, look for the right balance in the fragrance.

Heavier, overly sweet, or overly powdery notes can sometimes make you look old.

"Instead, look for well-balanced fragrances with a mix of fresh, green and woody notes. Citrus, gourmand, and aquatic elements can also add freshness to floral fragrances, making them bright and modern," the expert advises.

This concept even applies to rose-based fragrances. When combined with unexpected accords or in combination with fresh, bright notes, floral notes can evoke a sense of sophistication and modernity.

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How to choose a fragrance that won't age you (Getty Images)

What scents will attract

Sultry, alluring fragrances are often most memorable due to special notes that "bring irresistible sensuality."

The perfume expert emphasized that amber, musk, and oud evoke warm emotions, depth, and they also hold up well on the skin, which leaves a lasting impression.

Spices such as cardamom, ginger and saffron create an exotic, intriguing touch, while luxurious florals such as tuberose and jasmine create a rich, luxurious appeal, the perfumer said.

"Search for bright, fresh, and fruity elements. Citrus notes such as bergamot, tangerine, and grapefruit can help to bring an effervescent energy. Similarly, green, invigorating notes such as mint and basil can contribute to a lively, spirited composition that feels uplifting and joyous," the expert summarized.

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