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How to distinguish original perfume from counterfeits: Key methods

How to distinguish original perfume from counterfeits: Key methods How to distinguish original perfume (Photo:

The market is flooded with counterfeit luxury and niche perfumes. Some fake manufacturers have become so adept at replicating bottles that they are nearly indistinguishable from the originals. However, experienced perfume maniacs can still tell the difference. Read how to distinguish genuine perfume from counterfeits in the article by RBC-Ukraine

Where should pay attention to when buying perfume

Packaging and bottle

Many perfume manufacturers pay special attention to packaging details. Original perfumes have high-quality, impeccable packaging, usually featuring a sharply and clearly defined logo and brand name. The bottle should also have clear lines and markings.

Batch code

To distinguish original perfumes from counterfeits, pay attention to the batch code and expiration date. The batch code is the product's batch number, usually consisting of numbers and letters. It is embossed on the box and should contain at least four characters.

The same number is also repeated on the bottom or underside of the bottle. The letters and numbers may be engraved on the glass, printed on a transparent sticker, or painted on. First and foremost, make sure the characters are clear. It is important that the numbers on the box and the bottle match; if they do not, it could be a sign of a counterfeit.

How to check on a special website

The batch code essentially contains information about the batch number and also the release date of the perfume. Knowing this is crucial because every product has an expiration date, even original perfumes, and it is easy to verify the product's authenticity.

Visit the website Select the brand name in the search bar, manually enter the batch code, and click check. You will learn everything about your perfume.

Як відрізнити оригінальні парфуми від підробки та не попасти на гроші: найголовніші способи

How to verify a fragrance (Screenshot)

Fragrance and its longevity

Original perfumes have a unique scent that is difficult to replicate. If the fragrance seems insufficiently lasting or too weak, it could be a sign of a counterfeit.

Як відрізнити оригінальні парфуми від підробки та не попасти на гроші: найголовніші способи

How to distinguish original perfume from counterfeits (Photo:


Although it is not always a certain indicator, a very low price can suggest a counterfeit. Fake perfumes are often sold at significantly lower prices than the originals because they are made with cheap ingredients. However, there are cases where blatant counterfeits are sold at the price of the original.

Store where you buy

Purchasing well-known brands from licensed stores or official distributors reduces the risk of buying a counterfeit. Do not buy perfumes in underground passages or from dubious sellers on classified ad websites!

Packaging and documents

Original perfumes always come with high-quality packaging and documents, such as a certificate of authenticity, usage instructions, etc.

Where is the best place to store perfume

Perfumes require special storage conditions, as they have five enemies: light, extreme temperatures, air, movement, and humidity.

It is best to store the bottle in a dark place, such as in its box, as light can cause chemical reactions in the perfume, leading to its spoilage. However, do not store perfumes in a bag or drawer, as movement can also negatively affect their quality. Perfumes should be kept stationary.

The optimal temperature for storing perfumes is between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, with a humidity level not exceeding 70%.

Therefore, the bathroom is not the best option, nor is the refrigerator. It is better to store them in the bedroom or another room. It is also important to ensure that the spray nozzle is not deformed and that the cap closes tightly, as air can enter and evaporate the fragrance.

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