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Tens of thousands people in Pavlohrad, surrounding areas lack power and water due to Russian strikes

Tens of thousands people in Pavlohrad, surrounding areas lack power and water due to Russian strikes In Dnipropetrovsk, local authorities describe the aftermath of the Russian strike on an energy facility (photo: Getty Images)

As a result of a drone attack by Russian aggressors, which occurred late Sunday evening, a fire broke out at an energy facility in the Dnipropetrovsk region, which has since been contained. Several settlements are experiencing power and water supply outages, according to Serhiy Lysak, the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military Administration (RMA).

"Approximately 29,000 residents are left without electricity in Pavlogradsky district. In Ternivka, 10,000 residents are without water," the official said.

He added that power engineers are conducting work at the sites of enemy attacks to restore infrastructure and homes as quickly as possible.

The head of the RMA also revealed that during the night of February 12, a rocket of the enemy was destroyed over the Novomoskovskyi district by the forces and means of the Air Defense of the Armed Forces, and 6 drones were destroyed over the Pavlohradskyi district.

Russian air strike on Ukraine

On the evening of February 11 and during the night of February 12, an air alarm was declared in several regions of Ukraine due to the threat of enemy strikes using kamikaze drones and missile weapons. Indeed, Russian invaders once again launched Shahed drones toward Ukraine in multiple groups.

Late in the evening on Sunday, Pavlohrad in the Dnipropetrovsk region came under drone attack. According to Serhiy Lysak, the head of the RMA, as a result of the attack, parts of the Pavlohrad and Synelnykove areas were left without electricity, and there were disruptions in the water supply.

Additionally, the command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine warned during the night about the movement of enemy Shahed drones in various regions.

Military officials also spoke about the threat of enemy missile strikes. In Kharkiv, explosions were reported around eleven o'clock on Sunday night. Later, local authorities stated that there were rocket strikes in the Liubotyn district of Kharkiv region, presumably from the S-300 complex. Damage to the facades of non-residential buildings was reported.