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Alleged drone attack on Bryansk chemical plant reported in Russia

Alleged drone attack on Bryansk chemical plant reported in Russia Telegram channel reports on attack on the factory near Bryansk, which produces explosives (

Drones allegedly attacked the Bryansk chemical plant, which produces explosives. It happened on Friday, April 5, according to ASTRA Telegram channel.

According to the channel, the plant was hit by two drones. The plant produces explosives and belongs to the Tekhmash holding company, which fulfills the state defense order.

As a result of the drone attack, a fire broke out in an unfinished building. Additionally, a drone pierced the roof of another building.

ASTRA reports that 18 employees of the enterprise were evacuated after the attack. Allegedly, there were no victims.

There is information that the Bryansk chemical plant has been attacked several times last year. The most recent attack occurred on December 30, when glass was shattered in the administrative building.

Drone strikes in Russia

Recently, oil refineries and other facilities in Russia have been increasingly attacked. Drones fly into these locations.

The attacks are becoming more long-range. According to sources from RBC-Ukraine, on April 2, Ukrainian drones attacked facilities in the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia for the first time.

The drones struck a factory where Russian kamikaze drones Shakhed are assembled. Russians reported the injuries.

On the same day, drones also attacked an oil refinery in Tatarstan.

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