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Taurus for Ukraine: German Defense Ministry investigates possible Russian wiretapping

Taurus for Ukraine: German Defense Ministry investigates possible Russian wiretapping Illustrative photo: Taurus rocket (Getty Images)

The German Federal Military Counterintelligence Service (BAMAD) is conducting an investigation into the possible interception of communications by the Russian side involving representatives of the Air Force, particularly regarding the potential deployment of Taurus missiles in Ukraine, informs DPA.

The decision was made after Russian propaganda media spread reports of alleged eavesdropping on the conversation of Bundeswehr officers, during which they purportedly discussed the theoretical issue of transferring Taurus missiles to Ukraine and the potential use of such weaponry by the Defense Forces to strike at occupant targets, including the Crimean Bridge.

Following this, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanded that the German government clarify the situation.

In response, a spokesperson for the German Ministry of Defense stated in a conversation with journalists that BAMAD had taken "all necessary measures."

Issue of transferring Taurus missiles to Ukraine

Since last year, Ukraine has been requesting Germany to initiate the supply of long-range Taurus missiles capable of destroying targets up to 500 kilometers away.

However, Chancellor Olaf Scholz is unwilling to transfer such weaponry. As justification, he claims that German soldiers supposedly must be present for the deployment of the missiles on Ukrainian territory, with their task potentially involving targeting.

Scholz is also concerned that, if used improperly, the missiles could strike targets in Moscow. On March 1, the head of the European Committee in the Bundestag, Anton Hofreiter, pointed out that Scholz's statement about the necessity of German military presence in Ukraine for the deployment of long-range Taurus missiles is untrue.

For more detailed information on whether our country will ultimately receive German long-range missiles, refer to the material by RBC-Ukraine.